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Rules and the law

Главная » Rules and the law


 Tips for visa-free visitors of Grodno


  1. Foreign visitors can enter Belarus visa-free if they plan to visit the territory of a special tourist and recreational part “Avgustov Channel”, and its adjacent territories.
  2. One can enter Belarus through crossing Belarus State Border at the checkpoints Lesnaya (Rudavka), and Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Belostokskaya) which border on Poland; at the checkpoints Privalka (Shviandubre), and Privalka (Raigardas) which border on Lithuania. And also through the railway station and airport of Grodno.
  3. You can visit without a visa the territory of the Grodno region and the city of Grodno.
  4. In order to enter the visa-free territory a foreign visitor should possess the document to fill the questionnaire, which is issued by Belarusian tourist agency.
  5. In order to obtain the document a foreign visitor is:
    • to address Belarusian travel agency which has the right to issue such documents;
    • to receive confirmation approving a foreign traveler’s right to enter Belarus visa-free, and to obtain tourist service which should be booked in advance.
  6. Before entering Belarus a foreign visitor is to get a health insurance for staying in Belarus.
  7. A foreign visitor entering Belarus visa-free is to present the following documents at Belarus State Border checkpoint:
    • a valid document which allows to cross State Borders of foreign countries (passport);
    • the document issued by Belarusian travel agency which allows to enter the above mentioned territories visa-free;
    • Health insurance.
  8.  A migration card is to be drawn up at the checkpoint of Belarus State Border. Comment: in case of migration card loss, a tourist will be fined. 




Fill in the declaration and give it to customs agent IF YOU ARE IMPORTING:
  Commodities > 1500 euro or > 50 kg.
  Cash and (or) travel checks on total more than equivalent of 10000 US Dollars.
  Alcohol (>3 litres) Smokables (>200 pieces).
  Cash instruments: bills, checks (bank checks), certificated securities.
  Weapons and ammunition, gas canisters, tasers.
  Medicines, drugs, potent substances and precursors.
  Cultural valuables, printed products, books, newspapers, photos.
  Commodities imported, more frequently than once every 3 calendar months.


*Full information about customs regulations can be found on the information stands



Border crossing rules for foreigners

Foreign citizens and stateless persons (hereinafter - foreigners) should go through border and customs control when entering border of the Republic of Belarus. The following documents are needed:

  • Valid document for traveling abroad (passport) with valid visa for the countries with which the Republic of Belarus has a visa regime;
  • Document for citizenship returning (in case of passport loss on the territory of the Republic of Belarus);
  • A valid document for traveling abroad and a document providing a foreigner with the right to visit "Augustow Canal" park to fill the questionnaire individually or within a group. There are checkpoints at the border crossing between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Poland: Lesnaya (Rudavka), Bruzgi (Belostotskaya Forge), and with Lithuania at checkpoints Privalka (Švendubrė), Privalka (Raigardas) or through the railway station and the airport of Grodno.



The Republic of Belarus operates congestion charge  BelToll

Drivers are required to pay for transit by the toll roads within “BelToll” system if they drive the following types of vehicles:

  • Motor vehicles with technically permissible total mass of over 3,5 t .;
  • Motor vehicles registered outside the Customs Union, with technically permissible total weight not exceeding 3.5 t. Drivers of vehicles with technically permissible total weight not exceeding 3.5 t. registered in the countries of the Customs Union, are exempt from tolls.



In the area between State border and adjoined checkpoint it is forbidden to:
  • Park vehicles;
  • Embark and disembark passengers;
  • Complete handling charges;
  • Stay in the area (for individuals who are not to cross the State border).

Violations of these requirements by citizens provided for administrative liability under the Law 23.31 of the Administrative Code (warning with or without deportation, or a fine of up to 50 base units).



The admission of foreigners staying in the Republic of Belarus

Upon entering Belarus foreigners are required to have funds in the amount equivalent to at least 2 base units set in the Republic of Belarus per each day of stay. A foreigner arrived in the Republic of Belarus is to register with registrar by the actual place of residence within 5 days (except Sundays and public holidays).

Registration authorities in Belarus:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs;
  • Department of Internal affairs;
  • Hotel;
  • Resorts and recreation establishments;
  • Body of rural tourism.

Violation of these requirements by citizens provided for administrative liability under the Law 23.55, paragraph 1 of the Administrative Code (warning or a fine of up to 50 base units or deportation).

They are exempted from the need to register for a period of stay up to 30 days - Estonian citizens and stateless persons documented by a non-citizen passport of Estonia residing in the territory of the Republic of Estonia, Latvian citizens and persons having the status of non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia, Lithuanian citizens.



At the checkpoints citizens are prohibited from:
  • Taking photo and video;
  • Making calls on mobile communications;
  • Leaving money in the documents presented for checking;
  • Committing actions aimed at inciting employees of state control bodies to a breach of the established procedure for the implementation of border and other controls, including the offer and (or) transfer to them any material value. Offering and (or) providing the benefits of property nature is also prohibited;



At a border crossing a driver must remember!

A driver of a vehicle must have the original insurance certificate, valid in the territory of Belarus, and confirming the liability insurance in the Member State of the “Green Card” system. The vehicle participating in the road traffic and registered abroad without the agreement of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners, functioning in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, establishes administrative liability under the Law 18.20, paragraph 4 of the Administrative Code on 20 base units (since 01.01.2018, the base unit is 24,5 BYN).



When crossing Belarus state border a foreigner is obliged to:
  • to have a valid document for traveling abroad, and a document providing a foreigner with the right to visit "Augustow Canal" park individually or within a group together with CMI (compulsory medical insurance) contract;
  • to obtain and to fill in the migration card. 
  • foreigner is also obliged to hand in a "B" part of the migration card during a border control procedure at a checkpoint across the Republic of Belarus State border (excepting foreigners temporarily or permanently residing in the Republic of Belarus, unless otherwise determined by the legislative acts and international treaties of the Republic of Belarus).



The boundaries of a visa-free regime will be marked with special information signs




For further legal information, please examine the following documents: